Why choose 65house?

Quality assurance, trustworthy

10-year of experience in Singapore, more than 100 accommodation

Accommodated Environment

Comfortable and Soundproof, study areas are provided

Ready to Live

Fully equipped, Easy payment, Fast check-in

Safety and Cleanliness

24hrs security, regular cleaning, laundry facilities

What our students say

Elaine Lai, Taiwan

I booked my accommodation with 65House and I would recommend it to any students coming to Singapore.

It's hassle free, easy and fast!

David Goh, Malaysia

I applied for my accommodation on the previous website and wasn't sure how it would go, I encountered a few problems with my booking but the staff handled everything for me.

Bobby Hu, China

I booked my accommodation through 65House because I was applying for my school with their study abroad branch, the fact that they are a One Stop Service Centre helped my parents and I to save a lot of time

Yi Ting, China

Good services, caring staff.

Whatever you need, they will get it for you.

I was looking for volunteering and charity events, and they brought me to events held by the YMCA and SPD to raise funds and awareness toward the elderies and disabled, thumbs up!

Mother of Hee Lin and Cheng Ze

Heard about this company from a friend, I'm really happy with their homestay services.

Even if my husband and I can't be in Singapore, my children still got affection and guidance from their second family there.