KIUMI Home Stay (EIHS088) S$1600-S$2500

KIUMI @Langston Homestay at river valley.

We are located at the heart of singapore, river valley. It's a pent house using both 10th and 11th floor. We have autonomous local university managers watching over your child's general life style and study style. We thought foreign students could learn the life style and study habit that led to those managers being successful in their learning journey in singapore.

We provide full cleaning service with laundry. We provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays and breakfast lunch dinner on weekends. All meals are prepared in korean style and our very own chef cooks it daily.

We have weekend program once every month, bringing students out for a local delicacies tasting session or field trip. We also have seminar by working population(post nus grads for example) on what they bare working as, how they worked their way towards current position and pros and cons of that profession.

Welcome to KIUMI @Langston

Language(s) Spoken: English / Chinese / Korean

Surrounding (parks, malls, supermarkets, schools, food areas etc):

- 5 mins walk to Orchard Gateway (Somerset MRT station) – Public Library is inside it!

- 7 mins walk to Clarke Quay MRT station – (MRT interchange for Purple / Blue Line)

- 3 mins walk to Robertson Quay / UE square (Road full of brunch cafes / restaurants)

- Conveniently located at the central heartland of Singapore. Many buses available to reach anywhere around Singapore!

Nearest MRT(s): Orchard / Dhoby Ghaut / Clarke Quay

Available Buses: 32,54,64,123,139,143,195


KIUMI @Langston Homestay provides:

  •  Housekeeping 
  •  Guardianship service
  •  Airport pick-up service
  •  Air-conditioned 
  •  24 Hrs Free WIFI 
  •  Full Board Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )
  •  Study Area
  •  Washing Machine
  •  Dryer
  •  Home Theatre
  •  Television
  •  In House Tuition
  •  Study Table
  •  Fridge, Microwave
  •  Ironing Board + Iron
  •  Fan
  •  Bed sheet + Blanket
  •  Chair
  •  Reading Light
  •  Cabinet
  •  Bunk Beds

Fees and Payment Information

  • Minimum Lease: 3 months
  • Registration fees (if any): SGD $300
  • Utilities Fees (if any): Included
  • Access card/keys fees (if any): Included
  • Deposit: equivalent to 1-month rental

Terms & Conditions (if any):

There are certain house rules which the students will need to meet when staying with us.

1.Attend lessons regularly and punctually, maintain attendance requirement by ICA.

2.To inform the manager if any student is sick and unfit to attend lesson. Medical visit to the doctors will only be arranged by manager.

3.Complete all school assignments given by tutors or teachers punctually.

4.Night study is compulsory from Monday to Thursday from 800pm to 1000pm for the students.

5.Curfew: Friday and Saturday – return by 1130pm

Sunday – return by 830pm

Note: student with repeated offences on the curfew timing will be given warning, and shall it persists, parents will be informed.

6.Strictly no outing 2 weeks before exam.

7.Students must inform the manager if they are going for the outing.

8.No visitors are allowed in the house unless for study / assignment purpose. All visitor shall leave the house before 8pm, unless manager is informed and agreeable.

9.No computer games and other entertainment on weekdays, computer is only to be used for school work.

10.Internet will be turned off at 1200am – 6am daily except weekends.

11.Students of different genders are not permitted to enter the other’s room.

12.All students must place dirty laundry in the laundry basket placed in the room.

13.Meal time: 

Breakfast: Monday to Friday – 6 am to 8 am; Saturday & Sunday – 7 am to 10 am

Lunch: Saturday & Sunday – 1300 pm

Dinner: 700pm daily

14.Housekeeper will need to rest by 930pm daily. Please do not disturb her after this time.

15.Door of each room should keep close, please close the door without making any noises.

16.The gate of the house will be locked at 1130pm daily.

17.Stay out: No student is permitted to stay out unless prior approval is seek from the manager, and the parents agree.

18.Last person using the living room or any common area shall turn off the air conditioner and lights. If you are not using the room, remember to turn off all the A/C and the lights.

19.Smoking in the house is strictly prohibited. 

20.Any illegal items are strictly prohibited in the house. Shall the students be caught with the illegal items in the house, they shalt be dealt with accordingly.

21.No students are allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages in the house unless they are of legal age, and approval is granted by the manager and the parents.

22.Students are responsible for damages that occur by their own fault and are obliged to pay for it.

23.For the valuables, it shall be kept properly by the students at all times. Managers shall not be liable for any losses or theft due to students’ own negligence of keeping their valuables safe.

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Services & Facilities:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Housekeeping Services
  3. Guardianship
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Dryer
  6. Iron
  7. Ironing Board+Iron
  8. Study Area
  9. Air Conditioning
  10. Study Table
  11. Chair
  12. 2 single beds
  13. Attached Bathroom
  14. Reading Light
  15. Barbecue Pitt
  16. TV
  17. Internet wifi
  18. Wardrobe
  19. Dinner
  20. Breakfast
  21. Single size bed
  22. Lunch ( weekends )
  23. Cabinet

Surrounding Schools

Near schools And Traffic
School Bus Required time Station
Kaplan Higher Education 139 13 mins Kim Yan Road
Singapore Management University (SMU) 32 14 Kim Yam Road
LASALLE College of The Arts 139 14 Kim Yam Road
TMC Academy 139 13 Kim Yam Road
Raffles Design Institute 54 15 Kim Yam Road