Singapore Matchbox Student Hostel(EI065) $550-$2420

First started as a pod-style boutique hostel for backpackers, and then evolving into a student hostel side by side Garden City Management Pte Ltd, Matchbox@100UluPandan aims to create a home away from your home for foreign students in Singapore.

Living abroad alone comes with a mixture of excitement and worry. At Matchbox@100UluPandan, we eliminate the worry from you with our 9 hallmarks – A Cozy Home, 24/7 Hot Meal Availability, Facilities for a Balanced Lifestyle, Ample Social Areas, Full-service Launderette, Thorough Maintenance Regime, Stringent Pest Control, Security and Mentorship.

- Rooms

Every room is furnished with a comfortable mattress, furniture in the form of a well-designed wardrobe, and a study desk. If the room accommodates 2 persons or more, the pod-like beds come with curtains, creating the private space you require.

- Meals and other necessities

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight snack, there will always be food available for you at Matchbox@100UluPandan. Ran out of toiletries but too late to head to the supermarket? We’ll always have stocks in our pantry or the vending stations nearby.

- Laundry

Get your laundry done with our coin-operated washers and dryers. Need to iron your clothes? You may choose to have them ironed on your own with the iron and iron board provided, or have them done for you at a small fee.

- Housekeeping

Thorough housekeeping and maintenance in all areas will be carried out daily. Mandatory housekeeping service for hostel rooms, including the replacement of bedsheets and pillow covers will be done so every fortnightly.

- Stringent Pest Control

To ensure that the hostel is pest free, pest control measures will be carried out consistently through an ongoing education and enforcement programme.

- Security

With a team of carefully selected qualified officers as well as the latest surveillance technology, your stay with us here will be nothing short of safe.

- Study Rooms

Can’t study in your room because it makes you sleepy? We understand that. That’s why we have dedicated study areas that is tranquil and undisturbed, so you could do revisions or mug for exams at ease.

- Stay Inside

Our TV Lounges are furnished with WIFI, and a 40” Smart TV so you can wind down your day with your mates over your favourite drama series. Not a fan of TV shows? Then head to the Games Room where you can find board games, table-soccer, table-tennis and other indoor games that may interest you and your friends.

- Head Outside*

Break a sweat outdoors at our tennis, basketball, futsal or rugby courts. Fancy a BBQ party with your friends? We have a BBQ pit right in our facility where you can do just that!

*Rental fees apply.

- Ample Social Areas

TV and games too noisy for you? Chill at one of our cozy corners with your book, or simply sit alone, enjoying the comfort and serenity of the specially designed space. Want to chat? Located distantly from the quiet corners, we have a chatter corner whereby you can go ahead and tell each other about your day, and have a good laugh.

- Getting Around*

Tired after an entire day of class and not want to walk from one place to another in this spacious compound? We have an oBike station right here at our hostel! What’s even better, you don’t have to worry about housing the bicycle at all! Simply unlock it with the app and ride away! When you’re done, park it back at the station for the next rider! Get around with breeze while getting some exercise! Now, that's what we call killing two birds with one stone!

*Fees apply.

- Mentorship

Being alone in a foreign country is hard. We have a mentorship programme put in place so students can also be assured that there will always be someone he/she can talk to at any time of the day comfortably.


1. Full payment for the entire period shall be made prior to check-in. Instalment plans are available, subject to surcharges, as well as terms

and conditions.

2. Fees are inclusive of utilities, mandatory fortnightly housekeeping service for the hostel rooms, including the replacements of bedsheet and

pillow covers;

3. Fees are inclusive of maintenance of all fittings and fixtures within the hostel rooms. Wilful damages caused by deliberate actions will be

charge separately;

4. Feesare inclusive of common area maintenance. Wilful damages to common property caused by deliberate actions will be charged


5. Bed fees are not subject to GST;

6. Costs of meals and transportation are not included.

7. NO refund for cancellation made less than 31 days BEFORE the date of check-in.

Security Deposit: 1 month rental fee per bed or per room upon confirmation.

Registration Fee: $100.00 + 7%GST = $107.00 upon check in.

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Services & Facilities:

  1. Air Conditioning
  2. Laundry Area
  3. 24 Hours Security
  4. TV
  5. Microwaves
  6. Meals
  7. Kitchen
  8. Housekeeping Services
  9. Mini Bar Fridge
  10. Student Lounge
  11. Tennis Court
  12. Barbecue Pitt
  13. Basketball court
  14. Study Area
  15. Breakfast
  16. Reception

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