Sixth Avenue - Landed Bangalow (EIHS080)

Types of Rooms available: One of the room could fit 4 students on bunker beds with connecting bathroom to share and each student could have their own study table and closet space.

Size of the room is approximately: 5m x 4m +-


  • Meals provided

Monday till Friday (only Breakfast and Dinner)

Saturday and Sunday (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Breakfast all 7 days of the week

  • Bread, eggs and fruits will be included
  • Packed Breakfast are available if needed or requested

Curfew timing

  • Students age 16 & below: 10 pm latest
  • Students age 16 & above: 10 pm latest

(Unless if permitted by both Guardian and legal Guardian. Guardian must be informed on their whereabouts)

Allowance (Including transport)

Will not control amount of spending money a student has unless requested by parents

Allowance can change according to parents

  • Students age 16 & below: $400
  • Students age 16 & above: $600


  • Guardian will be in the same house with the students each night
  • Students are allowed to access the central common/entertainment area in the basement with TV
  • Tutor for English and Maths will be available upon request, tuitions fees are to be paid by the parents to the guardian(Amanda) via cheque
  • Daily supervised study in common area if requested by parents
  • Monthly Reports to parents unless in cases of emergencies or incidences, parents will be contacted immediately
  • Amanda’s 2 kids, (Renasha Ong, female, 16) and (Rayden Ong, male, 14) is living in the 3rd and top floor of the house. Both study at Tanglin Trust - School. Amanda’s mother, (Lim Hong Buay) lives in the house as well and will help care for the students
  • Family owns a hypoallergenic toy poodle called Oscar
  • The house will have a helper/maid to help out as housekeeping

House rules:

  • Shower after reaching home from school, dirty laundry must be passed to the Maid immediately after shower for washing
  • Things inside rooms must be kept neat, no dirty clothing on the floors at all times
  • No going up to 2nd and 3rd floors without permission
  • Only the 1st floor and Basement allowed
  • No eating inside rooms without permission
  • Curfew cut off at 10 pm unless permitted by parents
  • Students are allowed to go out at weekends and weekdays after school but must be home before 10 pm
  • No smoking or drinking inside or outside the property
  • No visitors without permission
  • Only 1 visitor allowed every weekend per student and visitors are not permitted to stay for more than 3 hours
  • No overnight stay at other places WITHOUT permission from both guardian(Amanda) and student’s legal guardians(parents)
  • If students are to sleep over outside, Amanda must be informed at least 3 days prior with permission from parents
  • No vandalism of furnitures, if any furniture is found damaged, it is the student’s full responsibility to compensate in full amount
  • Treat guardian’s family, maid and roommates with respect
  • Turn off all Lights, air-conditioner and power switch when not in use
  • Every night, Lights off at 11pm in the bedroom
  • Students will receive a 3-time warning before parents will be contacted
  • In a case of emergencies of incidences, parents will be contacted immediately

Main Facilities:

Air Conditioned

Fan(If requested)

24Hrs Wifi

Bed Sheets & Blanket

Basic Body and hair shampoo available if requested

(Conditioner and Higher end shampoo products will need to be bought by the students)

Basic Toothbrush and toothpaste available if requested

(Higher end products will need to be bought by the students)

Small Pantry next to common room, available for student’s use (e.g. Fridge, water)

Fruits can be requested

Housekeeping Service

Washing Machine


Ironing Board+Iron

Language(s) Spoken:  English, Mandarin chinese, Hokkien chinese, Cantonese chinese, Bahasa Melayu

Short Description of the Hostel:   

This room includes, 2 bunker beds and 4 study tables. Each Study table has plenty of room for each student, as well as an attached shelf. A Tv (Limit to Tv usage can be enforced if needed) The closet will be shared among the 4 students, additional closet and shelves can be added if needed.

Nearest MRT:

Advice on fastest way to get somewhere is available

Sixth Avenue MRT 7-10 mins walk

Downtown Line/Blue Line

Fees & Payment Information

Minimum Lease: 6 months (Unless Short Term rent for students on academic trips/events)

Registration fees: $100

Deposit: $1000

Guardianship & Meal allowance: $500 per monthly (Negotiable)

(If available space)

Guardian will accept Short Term rent on a daily basis (for students on academic trips/events)

Rent per day: $110

Recommendation ratings


Services & Facilities:

  1. Housekeeping Services
  2. Blanket / BedSheet
  3. Airport Pick Up Service
  4. Fridge
  5. Induction Cooker
  6. Desk & Chair
  7. Breakfast
  8. Laundry Area
  9. TV
  10. Microwaves
  11. Meals
  12. Standing Fan
  13. Air Conditioning
  14. Attached Bathroom
  15. Study Area
  16. Iron & Ironing Board
  17. Safety Box
  18. Wardrobe
  19. pantry
  20. Ceiling fan
  21. bookshelf

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