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Students who plan to study at the National University of Singapore in 2018 are sure to be full of expectations for the residential environment of the National University of Singapore. After arriving in Singapore, the accommodation problem is also the primary problem. Let's take a look at the accommodation at the National University of Singapore.

The National University of Singapore dormitory has 8 Halls, 3 Prince Geogre Park (PGP), RidgeView, EB and Utown built in 2011. The cost of each dormitory will vary.


Temasek Hall, Eueoff Hall, Rusoff Hall, Kent Ridge Hall, Sheares Hall and King Edward VII Hall, Extension Block A and Extension Block B. These HALLs are built with different characteristics and different styles. Each HALL has a large piece of tropical flowers covered on it. From afar, the dormitory building is like a flower house, with a patchwork on the winding asphalt road. However, this is mainly for undergraduates and local students, and international graduate students are basically not applied.

All dorms are equipped with basic living furniture such as tables, chair beds, cabinets, cabinets, mirrors and ceiling fans. There is a socket under the table, a network cable interface. There is also a laundry room and the washing machine can be used free of charge. The laundry room is equipped with a dryer; the dryer is used for some hall charges, while others are not, Temasek and Eusoff Hall also have irons. The kitchen has a communal large fridge, water dispenser, 2 induction cookers, a microwave and a large dining table, as well as some common kitchen utensils, as well as an oven.

Temasek Hall, the plant is covered with the entire apartment, full of vitality

Prince Geogre Park (referred to as PGP)

There is a single room with a separate toilet, there is also a standard room to choose from, free access to campus wireless Internet access, and free domestic calls. Life is more convenient, and the supermarket canteen is fully equipped for laundry. However, it is difficult to apply, and basically it is given to under or Europeans. Even the drop students have applied for it, and they all went to Utown.


Utown is a newly built dormitory building in 2011 that can accommodate 2,400 undergraduate students and 1,700 graduate students, mainly providing accommodation for students at the Kent Ridge campus. From Utown, you need to take a relatively long overpass and you can go straight to the NUS campus. Many of the students who lived in August this year lived in Utown, and most of the students studying in Yiteng lived there. The accommodation environment is much better than the domestic one, a bit like a small apartment, but the cost will be higher.

The following are cheaper rooms:

Single room: four people share a bathroom/kitchen, air-conditioned, 140 SGD/month

Single room: four people share a bathroom/kitchen, no air conditioning, 125 SGD/month

Utown is said to be the largest Starbucks in Singapore and has wireless Internet access. Both NTU and NUS are expanding their new dormitory groups, and both schools have a tendency to expand.

The living room of the dormitory is simple and generous.

The kitchen facilities in the dormitory are all available, and the large-capacity refrigerator has no problem storing food!

Some of the big trees are located right in the dormitory, so the designer built the building around the big tree, which looks like a garden in the middle. In order not to damage the roots of the big tree, the designer laid a layer of Nanyang wood on the ground. This kind of wood is not afraid of water, and it doesn't matter if it rains.

Off-campus accommodation (rental)

It’s generally not easy to live in Utown for a semester of children’s shoes. In the second semester, because of expensive accommodation, you will choose to move outside the school to live. Then the rented houses near the school are near Westcoast Plaza and Celemnti MRE, generally ranging from 350-400 SGD/month, without water and electricity, and including the network.

If you have any questions about Singapore apartment accommodation, please call us at +65 91159074 or email and we will select the most comfortable accommodation for you according to your specific situation and needs!

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